How To Get Ad-Free YouTube On Android Devices With Ad Blocker

Ideally, in a perfect world, we’d be able to watch videos on YouTube without any annoying interruptions but that’s usually not possible. Typically there are ads appearing at the start and during at certain time intervals during the video. You do get the option to skip a few seconds if you’re lucky but you’re still forced to watch up until that point. Then there are unskippable 30 second trailers etc that are often unbearable. This leaves the streaming experience to be somewhat irritating with a pesty reminder of ads

YouTube Vanced is an advanced YouTube client application that gives us a solution to the issue. 

YouTube Vanced is a state of the art client app that solves this rather vexing problem. The app allows users to view Youtube videos while integrating it perfectly with YouTube Vanced features.

Of course, the application is mainly designed with an Ad-Blocker, in-built to instantly block the ads that could pounce on you at any time to spoil your experience. This helps prevent YouTube advertisements from causing insta-rage during your favorite channels. But YouTube Vanced is so much more that just a very effective Ad Blocker. It also comes with Free Downloading, a POP-Up Player, a Background Music Player etc. Below, we take a closer look at the app

Video and Audio Downloader

Once you’ve decided on a video you wish to download, you can simply use the YouTube Vanced app to convert it to an audio file.

After tapping the option to download, you’ll be given a selection of video quality formats to choose from. This can range from 144p to 4k downloads with Vanced

Background Music Play From YouTube

Who wouldn’t like the option to play videos like a music player in YouTube? Only music and nothing more. Well this option is included as free when enabled in YouTube Vanced. That would normally cost $15/month or so in YouTube Premium. You can play music in the background while using other apps on your phone. Tat just below the video screen where you see the “background” option and the awesome feature is enabled.

Pop-Up Player

When it comes to multi-tasking, another great feature is the ability to continue to watch your videos while facebooking or using any of your other apps. A floating screen pops out over the YouTube screen which is resizable and navigable. You can easily find the feature saying Pop-Up (shown in the image) on the YouTube Vanced app.

How to Download?

In order to download the app, make your way to the official website here- or if you prefer, you can also click this link to download the YouTube Vanced apk here. That too will also send you to the official website for a completely secure YouTube Vanced download. Ensure all necessary permissions are allowed when you are downloading and you are good to go!

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